[‘Eid Craft] Free Printable Eid Decorations

You will definately want to use these decorations! There’s all kinds of stuff. And the sis is allowing it all to be printed up for F.R.E.E!

Free Printable Eid Decorations @ Educating the Muslim Child


2 thoughts on “[‘Eid Craft] Free Printable Eid Decorations

  1. Asalaam ‘Alaikum,

    Jazak Allah Khair for the link. We have updated the many decorations we had available and I added some new ones this year. I have added Eid Party Invitations and also do-it-yourself decorations. We made some pretty decorations in black and white that your child can color and then you can hang them to add some festive spirit this Eid, insha’Allah.

    I hope you like them. You can find out more:


    and here:


    Asalaam ‘Alaikum,
    Sumayyah Umm SAAK

    • wa ‘alaykum as-salaam

      jazakillah ukhti. i will be sure to add your new items to this week’s weekly post insha’Allah.

      i was at your site a few days ago looking for some new stuff so i’m excited that you let me know you have updates. i’m sure your work will be (another) hit !

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