Ramadhan-Themed Shape Poem {Tutorial}


Shape poems are great for beginner and advanced writers. They are a creative way for a student to express what she knows about a topic.

Shape poems can be a way for a bored child to pass the time. Or, they can be a useful research or review tool when teaching specific subjects, say Ramadhan. Below you will find instructions and printables to get started writing shape poems.

As always, if you spot any mistakes in the lesson to follow, please let us know. A comment will work nicely!


Tape or paper clip
Sample Shape Poems (pdf)
Printable Instructions (pdf) — the same instructions as below but in a printable form

Printable Islamic Shapes:

Tent & Palm Tree (pdf)
Prayer Rug & Thobe (pdf)
Cup, Date, Bowl (pdf)
Masjid, Star, Crescent (pdf)

Teacher Instructions

Show students the example shape poems found in the Sample Shape Poems printable. You can also see them below.
Then have children follow the instructions below. You may want to do an easy shape poem with them as practice then have them write their own shape poems.

Pick the Subject/Topic.
In our case, the topic will be one of the shapes that are ready for printing. For example, if the tent shape
is selected, one idea can be to write a poem about a personal i’tikaf experience or a poem about how to perform i’tikaf.

Brainstorm the Topic.
1. Make a list of words that describe the topic on paper.
2. Make a column titled “Descriptive Words” (adjectives).
3. Make another column labeled “Action Words” (verbs).
4. Make a list titled “Other Words.”
5. When finished brainstorming, circle the words and phrases that best describe the topic.
6. Write a rough draft using the circled words. No need to rhyme unless you just want to.

Draw the Shape.
Shapes should be at least half the page in size.
There are shapes patterns ready for printing and using (see list above). To use them:
1. Cut out one of the shape patterns.
2. Place it face up on a table.
3. Cover the shape with another piece of paper.
4. Paper clip or tape the blank sheet of paper so that it won’t move.
The outline underneath shows where to write the poem’s words.

Write the Poem.
1. Choose a describing word to start the poem. Decide where to place it on the outline.
2. Continue choosing and writing the other words until the outline is filled up with words. There may
not be enough room to use all of the brainstorm words.
3. Place commas between each words that are in a series.

There are many variations to these instructions. See the example shape poems for some ideas.
1. Have students use a simile in the poem.
2. Have students use similes for a medium difficulty level.
3. Have students use a simile, a metaphor, and an alliteration for a challenging level.
4. Suggest that students make up sentences from their brainstorm words and place the sentences
around the shape.

Sample Shape Poems

Click any of the images for a close up.

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