Eid Sucker Holders

Ramadhan Mubarak again!

We had fun making these star and moon sucker holders for the neighborhood kids last year. They were a big hit!

I thought I’d share how I did this in case you want to make them yourself.


Glue stick
Craft knife


Moon with Eid greeting (15 per page) pdf

Star shape (10 per page) pdf


Remember, you can click on any image to see it close up.

  First, I created moon shapes with an Eid greeting using the computer. Then I printed and cut out each one.Next, I traced and cut out the shape of a 3-inch wide star onto purple card stock.I’m sure you can find a star online to print and trace.  Just make sure that it is 3 inches wide so that the printable moon will fit onto the star.
  I put glue in the middle of two of the stars legs. If you look at the photo you will see that I indicated where I put the glue—it’s in pink.I turned the moon over and put glue on the moon’s tips.I turned the moon back over so the greeting was facing me. Then I stuck the moon to the star making sure the tips got glued on as well.
  While the glue was busy drying, I cut two sideways slits in the star with a craft knife.  I indicated with green lines on the photo where I cut the slits.Adults will need to do this part for children.
  Next, I slid the stick part of the sucker under both slits.
  I turned the whole thing over and put a piece of tape on the back to keep the sucker from accidentally sliding around.And, that’s it! Enjoy!
   We made a basketfull!

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