Eid Mubarak Stained Glass Foil Craft

This craft is really a lot of fun. It’s great for those who are really artistic and are attentive to details.

However, I don’t want to discourage anyone. It can be easily adapted for all ages and skill by simply choose a picture appropriate to a person’s abilities.

Eid Mubarak Stained Glass Foil Craft


  • aluminum foil
  • card stock or scrap cardboard such as an empty cereal box
  • ink pen
  • permanent markers or craft paint
  • twine
  • tape
  • design [use coloring pages, printable, or a find on the web]

I used two different printable designs to make this project. You can find them here:



Cut a piece of card stock what ever size you want. The smaller the size the easier it will be to decorate.

Tear off a piece of foil large enough to cover card stock plus 4-inches.

Lay foil shiny side down.

Place card stock in the center of the foil.

Fold foil over the card stock.

Turn over.

Choose a design that you want to transfer onto the foil. Choose something simple for young children such as a printable flower, or masjid, or even a coloring page.

Center the design over the foil card stock. Secure with paper clips. Fold the edges of the paper over the card stock first.

Using the ink pen, trace over the design to transfer it to the foil. Make sure to work on a hard surface and press hard.

Remove the paper when finished tracing the pattern.

Use a black permanent marker to go over the imprint left on the foil.

Color in the design using markers or craft paint.

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