Curling Ribbon Tassel

Don’t you just love curling ribbon? It just so party-ish!

We turned some fuchsia curling ribbon into tassels. It is super easy, festive, and, fun for both children and adults to make!


  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pony bead
  • Curling ribbon
  • String or Twine
  • 3×5-in Index card or cut the same size from an unused cereal box


  Unroll a length of curling ribbon but do not cut it off the bolt.Tape the free end of the curling ribbon to the index card to keep it out of the way.Wrap the curling ribbon around the index card: Wrap ribbon going up over the top, down the back side, under the bottom and up the front side to the top = 1 wrapping. Wrap at least 10 times. The final wrap should not end at the top but at the bottom of the index card.

Cut the ribbon off the roll.

Cut two 8-inch pieces of curling ribbon off the bolt.

  Take one of the 8-inch pieces of ribbon and slide it under all of the ribbon on the front side of the index card.Tie the ribbon piece in a knot at the top of the index card.
  Remove the ribbon from the card by bowing the index card and sliding the ribbon off.Hold the top (the end with the knot) of the tassel firmly. Slide scissors through the looped ends. Pull the scissors away from the knot so that the fringe will be even. Cut the loops open at the bottom creating a tassel.
   Trim off any uneven strands from the bottom of the tassel.
  Thread both of the top ties through a pony bead.Slide the bead so that it sits on top of the knot.
  Tie the tassel to string to hang!We strung our tassels along some bakers twine. See this easy-peasy DIY Bakers Twine Tutorialto make it.These pink tassels went on a banner. However, there are so many creative & crafty uses for them.



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